The Team

The members, are :

  • Giannis Ktenakis, t. agronomist and garden designer, from the traditional green suburb of Kifissia,  master craftsman in automatic irrigation system.
  • Giannis Gryllis, agronomist with specialty in aquatic plants and ponds. He is the one who made fashion the water features and gardens in Greece.
  • Panagiotis Gkounidis, t. forester,   who has a “naturalistic” approach to his gardens and likes very much to use elements and plants from the forest.
  • Cornelius Vekkos, agronomist, master to eco-vision garden maintenance and composting, skilful garden designer and gardener by himself.
  • Kostas Nikoloudis, agronomist , experienced microsoft system engineer, who came voluntarily and help the project in  the name of….Petros, his 1,5 y.o son.
  • Matina Kanaki, t.agronomist , with specialty in environmental education and inspirational work with people with special abilities.
  • Nikos Thymakis, agronomist, landscape consultant and palm expert, with experience to organize green events. He is the Project Manager for the Greek Participation in FLORIADE 2012.  



The Scope of the Team to make top level projects worldwide, introducing the native Greek Flora, design with sustainable  and ecological way, educate with the “green” way, make connection with people and professional of same interest to proceed in trade of plants and garden products, rejuvenate historical gardens and represent Greece or other countries to International EXPOs focused to plants, gardens and landscape.

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