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17 September 2011: Nikos Thymakis asked Mehmet Dukkanci, Director of FLORPLANT to arrange a meeting and interview with FLORIADE COUNCIL in Antalya , for the Greek Participation.


28 September 2011:Nikos Thymakis informed about his idea of how he wanted to make the plan and the theme, Olympia Kontostergiou and Matina Kanaki. The garden would have theme about kids and environmental education including the Olympic Games moto “Citius, Altius, Fortius, “act” for Nature”. He made the first master plan in a paper.


29 September 2011: The Project Manager , Nikos Thymakis, gave the first interview to FLORIADE COUNCIL in Antalya-Turkey, during FLORPLANT EXHIBITION. He had help from Dimitris Dimitriou from Attica Agricultural Floricultural Nurseries Cooperative. The members of FLORIADE COUNCIL accept Nikos Thymakis and Agroartistico as “official participant” in FLORIADE 2012.


1 October 2011: Nikos Thymakis asked Thanos Vaiopoulos to cooperate as Project Manager and Logistics Manager for the Greek Participation on FLORIADE. Thanos accepted.


2 October 2011: After a lot of thought and calls, Nikos Thymakis invite 5 of his close friends and professional cooperates, Matina Kanaki, Panagiotis Gkounidis, Cornelius Vekkos, Giannis Ktenakis and Giannis Gryllis to make a team that could manage the whole project. A few days later , Kostas Nikoloudis became the 7th member of the team, as volunteer , because he wanted to dedicate this effort to his 1,5 y.o son, Petros. They liked to call their team “Synergia”. A few days later, Panagiotis Gkounidis proposed the name “SYNERGIA-HELLENIC GARDEN TEAM” that became finally the team's name.


3 October 2011: Nikos Thymakis asked from “Organization of Environmental Awareness Park Antonis Tritsis”(dept of Ministry of Environment) to put the Greek Participation under its aegis. The President of the Organization , Stavros Milionis sign the authorization letter. Late in October, the NGO “KEAN” gave also authorization letter to the team in terms to use the environmental game PLANETBOOK as the focal point of the Greek Garden.


1 November 2011: After a lot of work and meetings, almost all Greek Plant Exporters accept to donate the plants and sponsor the effort of SYNERGIA. A 4-member sub-team (Giannis Gryllis, Giannis Ktenakis, Panagiotis Gkounidis and Cornelius Vekkos) started to work on the first plant that Nikos with Cornelius had, to finalize the plan of the Greek Garden. Matina and Kostas helped in the final plan , and all the team present it to the sponsors via mail at 15 November.


15 November 2011: Michalis Anagnostou, owner of the biggest soil company in Greece, offers a great sponsoring for the uniforms, the trip and other materials, and became SPECIAL SPONSOR of SYNERGIA.


20 November 2011: Nikos Thymakis and Matina Kanaki, had meeting to the Dutch Embassy in Athens with the economic attache Mrs. Siwarde Sap to finalize the participation details. The Dutch Ambassador invites SYNERGIA to a gala at Zappeion , on 1st December to announce officialy the Greek Participation. These days, Nikos Thymakis asked his friend and President of committee of Firms of ELCA , Nico Wissing, to help the Greek Participation as a consultant and he accepted it.


1 December 2011: The Dutch Ambassador, proudly announce in the gala at Zappeion that Greece will OFFICIALY participate in 6th FLORIADE at Venlo!


12 December 2011: Nikos Thymakis went to FLORIADE , Venlo and signed the contract of the Greek Participation. Nico Wissing was with him to encourage the effort. Nikos noticed that the climate through the period of FLORIADE was perfect for the Greek Garden and because of the high rainfall , there was no use to try to find a way to water the garden. So , it was sure that the Greek Garden could be self-maintenance!


December 2011 - January 2012: All the members of the team worked hard for the project to be perfect!


31 January 2012: Cornelius Vekkos represent the team to the General Meeting of the Official Participants in FLORIADE. A young agronomist, between Ambassadors, Ministers and other officials, visit our site and gave the “stigma” of what Greece wanted to do and how in FLORIADE.


February 2012: Nikos Thymakis asked from the Secretary General of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, Mrs Olga Sarantopoulou , to link SYNERGIA with the Greeks that live in Holland. After a lot of contacts, the President Pavlos Kerasavopoulos accepted to help and the dance group of Greek Agronomist Students from Wagenigen University “CHARA”, with plenty of members, accepted to do voluntary the maintenance of the garden during FLORIADE! Later this month, SYNERGIA took also authorization letter from the Municipality of Penteli.


2 March 2012: a meeting arranged at Ministry of Agriculture for “support”. Eventhought the promises , finally at 9 March , Nikos Thymakis sadly sent a resignition letter and express the disappointment of the team and the nurseries.


8 March 2012: from that day, TerminalFlower , the logistic manager started to collect the plants from the sponsor nurseries. The truck arrived from Greece at 11 March!


13-25 March 2012: the garden “party” started. The dram came true! All problems and last minutes details solved because of the spirit of each members of the team. Each one gave his best and the garden was ready in 10 days! No one believe it! It was a “Greek” miracle!!!


4 April 2012: Opening Ceremony of 6th FLORIADE 2012! Greece is there for 1st time, among 60 countries, against crisis and problems.


28 April - 13 May 2012: SYNERGIA HELLENIC GARDEN TEAM participated in the exhibitional department of 58th KIFISSIA FLOWER SHOW to promote the Greek Participation in FLORIADE.

During the period of FLORIADE thousands of people visit the Greek Garden , attracted from the fragrance of the herbs and the road between the Greek Native Flora. The Greek Garden is also accessible to handicapped people.

1 July 2012: The “Griekse Gemenschappen in Nederland” organizes with its own efforts and costs, the “GREEK NATIONAL DAY IN FLORIADE” with traditional music and dances and special Greek cousine.


2 July 2012: “Association Maria Damiri” from Nice-France, decide to give a donation from some expenses of the maintenance of the garden. The team decide to propose to FLORIADE an “Art-Day” with paintings of Maria Damiri. FLORIADE accepted and they schedule it for 28 of August.


28 August 2012: the member of SYNERGIA Panagiotis Gkounidis, on his birthday, went to FLORIADE with painter Maria Damiri and members of “Assosiation Maria Damiri” to make the exhibition.

During summer period, all members and sponsors helped to make the “common catalog” for the “Greek Holticulture Day in FLORIADE, on 17th of September.

14 September 2012: the TEAM had a meeting with the “ Greek Olympionikes” to organize an event about the theme of the garden (Citius – Altius- Fortius) in the next days in FLORIADE, or after in Athens.


17 September 2012: after 1 year of the first movement, Greece is in FLORIADE and makes impression! The “Greek Horticulture Day” took place , with plenty of trade visitors and b2b meetings. The members of SYNERGIA, Giannis Gryllis and Nikos Thymakis, with the economic attache of the Greek Embassy in Hague, Mr. Nikos Thomopoulos, present the situation in Greek Market.


7 October 2012: the closing ceremony...

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