The first official participation of Greece in FLORIADE, is based on the spirit of "SYNERGIA", a companionship of 7 people, professionals to green industry, that tried hard to overlap hurdles and bureaucracy , to make the dream come true...


The best horticulture magazine of the world, FLORACULTURE INTERNATIONAL, wrote in April 2012 issue:


"Greeks plan massive presence at Floriade"


ATHENES, Greece, January 3, 2012: Greece is expected to have one of the most interesting presences of any exhibitor at the upcoming 2012 Floriade in Venlo, the Netherlands.


The Greek Garden for the 2012 Floriade is an initiative of the organisation for environmental awareness Park Antonis Tritsis, a department of the Greek ministry of environment and will be built in line with the Olympic values. .....The Greek delegation is looking forward to welcome visitors from all over the world in their garden. “The Olympic motto is "Citius, Altius, Fortius." These three Latin words mean "Swifter, Higher, Stronger and these words fit perfectly the major goal of the Greek ornamental horticulture and gardening industry".

This is the success of this participation: you can win if you want, you could go further if you try to be better , you can fight direct the crisis, if you are determined to survive...


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